Dean Message


Since the most prominent aspect of our contemporary life is the accuracy and development of the legislation that regulating the legal interests which the legislator has considered worthy of legal protection, a consideration is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the legislation and how far people are implementing the legislation on the one hand, and what is the situation if we live without a law organizing and protecting our rights on the other hand. If our evaluation is positive, we are at the level of urbanization, if negative, I can only say that we are at a lower level of urbanization ... and this is a matter of concern for men of understanding. Have we, as faculty members, ever thought to consider the legislation which is regulating the work of the university and try to understand the wisdom of the legislator behind such legislation? I hope so. Does each of us, as faculty members, seek to defend the university when he finds that the university has been unfairly harmed in its scientific reputation or moral credibility, or a wrong has harmed those who sought to support the university to be in a place where it deserves? I hope that. I wish that we, faculty members and researchers, pay the legislation which regulating the scientific work the same attention that we pay to the legislation which regulating our financial rights. I trust that this wish is achievable.

Prof.Dr.Muhammad Ali
University of Basrah College Of Law


The college seeks to provide distinguished university education that makes it superior to its counterparts in Iraq and the other Arab countries through: 1.     Preparing qualified graduates with high level research skills in the field of law. 2.     Contributing effectively to the development of the legal culture and making it in a way which serves the society. 3.     Improving the skills of faculty members as well as encouraging and developing the scientific research. 4.     Developing the college of law in accordance with the International quality standards. 5.     Establishing postgraduate studies in the private and public law branches.