Laboratory Accreditation


       The laboratory accreditation unit, an important unit within the Quality Division, follows up on improving performance within laboratories through special evaluation forms launched by the supervisory and scientific evaluation body and annually, and these forms include paragraphs specific to the specifications of a good educational laboratory.

       Accreditation is transparent and non-discriminatory procedures and can be obtained by any laboratory that meets accreditation requirements, regardless of the area of examination or calibration, whether the laboratory belongs to a production institution that examines the quality of production (first party), an institution that examines what it buys (a second party) or an independent laboratory (third party). Perhaps it is necessary to distinguish between accreditation accreditation and certification certification, authentication means adherence to a scale or specification as when implementing the ISO specification  In which auditors are used to ensure compliance with what is required in the specification and there is no specific area and deal with the management system in the institution while we find that the accreditation is a technical "evaluation" of knowledge, skills and people and technical residents are used to watch and judge the way the examination or calibration is performed .